Citic Pacific Mining- Cape Preston, Western Australia

Australian Winders have been involved in all 6 of CPM’s 28Mw Siemens AG Mill installations and repairs. Australian Winders supplied a Siemens Authorised Winding Supervisor for 6 installations, 3 coil repairs and the refurbishment of 8 stator segments which involved dry ice blasting and painting of the iron core and windings.

Australian Winders also supplied 8 winders to complete the installation of mills 3, 4, 5 and 6 with a time frame of 30 days per install, completing each project in a time frame of 28, 26, 26 and 24 days respectively. Leaving the customer very happy with 4 cost and time efficient projects. Quote – Wenge Liu, Project Manager – November 2014

“I am pleased to state that the Australian Winders crew we have engaged has performed well in the following three critical areas:

Safety –           the works on all driver motor stators are free from work related injury or

property damage incidents over the 20 weeks overall duration.

Quality –          all stators have passed all the Siemens specified tests including the Hi-pot test

after completion of the winding installations on them.

Productivity – The winding installation works for all stators have been completed within

the planned 30 days of duration with the last two being 3 days ahead of