Olympic Dam, South Australia

After an unforseen breakdown on Olympic Dam’s 18Mw Siemens Svedala Mill, Australian Winders were called out to site for an initial urgent inspection and diagnosis. Finding mechanical and electrical damage to 153 coils, the decision, in conjunction with Siemens Germany was made to conduct a partial rewind. Australian Winders were contracted to complete the partial rewind. Under pressure from the customer due to huge financial losses, Australian Winders were required to expedite to project using 12 winders on two shifts to complete the project in 6 weeks along with additional rotor pole works. After completion the mill was back in operation with no complications, leaving the customer, BHP Billiton, very happy. Quote: Paul Francis – Repair Project Manager June 2015-11-30


I want to convey my thanks to the Australian Winders Team for their contribution in the successful Svedla Mill Repair Project. Your team was engaged as specialists to essentially strip and rebuild 25% of our gearless drive mill motor.

This is specialised work and your team did a fantastic job under challenging conditions to complete the work efficiently and safely. If we were to do the job again, I’d have no hesitation in engaging Australian Winders to complete the work. A special mention must go to Clint Walkerden, his input to the project in the early stages of fault finding and planning was outstanding…”