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Mining, Power Generation & Test and Inspections With years of experience in our team

  • Generator Specialists
  • Lead Winders
  • Winding Specialists
  • Team Winders
  • Trainee Winders
  • Diesel Mechanics

Australian Winders is able to supply project management, supervision and winding teams for all aspects of your gearless motor drive or large mill installation or rewind anywhere around the world. Our teams have installed and rewound many mills globally bringing a proven level of both technical and cultural experience to your project. We can respond quickly to your request for urgent repairs globally and have you back in service with a cost effective and quality solution. We also offer complete testing and inspection of your large mill equipment. We are fully experienced to work with any type of drive, as we are winding specialists we can offer our experienced staff in all areas of machine rewinding no matter the type of drive. We are capable of performing turnkey projects or to supply experienced professionals for your project. Our global offices gives us the ability to respond quickly to your request for urgent repairs and have you back in service with a cost effective and quality solution. Our Philosophy “Re-Invest” in Industry Specific Tooling & Equipment


  • 2 x 20′ Site Container Workshops Fully Equipped
  • Twin EFD Induction Welding Machines (with dedicated refrigerated cooling unit)
  • Dry Ice Cleaning Machine
  • “On Site” Baking Oven


  • 28KV ‘VLF’ Hipot
  • 10KV Digital Megger
  • 100AMP Digital Micro OHM Meter (DLRO)
  • 12KV Baker – Surge Comparison Tester
  • 10amp Ductor Tester
  • Corona Camera
  • Boroscope
  • Digital Hardness Tester
  • Wedge Inspection Unit



Our wedge manufacturing facility (formerly G.E Perth) is located at our purpose built premises in Midvale, Western Australia. In partnership with Dr. Michael Znidarich of GMECS, we are able to provide customers design and manufacturing services for all rotating machinery stator and rotor repairs. We can also perform the installation of the wedges as a cost effective alternative to the OEM by our highly experienced field service team.Guided by our consulting engineer, Dr Mike Znidarich (GMECS), Australian Winders is able to provide calculations for load capacities in both normal and fault conditions, recommendations for optimal wedge design and consultation throughout the manufacturing process.
High Voltage Ancillary
We stock premium quality high voltage ancillary components that enable us to provide full outage wedge kits including epoxies, resins, slot strips, insulation, corona resistant stator RTDs, finishing paints and rotating machine wedges. Whether it is a full wedge kit or a one off component we will assist you by providing quality service delivery every time.
Australian Winders has the capability to manufacture industrial machine windings from our facility based in Perth, Western Australia. High quality soft or hard type coil design manufacture, up to 6600v. Also, large machine bar or coil supply available from reputable suppliers worldwide.
  • AC HV diamond coil design in soft and resin rich designs.
  • DC & traction armature coils
  • Field coil and interpoles
  • Magnets and transformer coils



Australian Winders team members have a vast range of winding and associated skills for electric motor service and repair. Be it HV machines or LV motors, AC or DC, we have professionals with comprehensive experience. Now with our new workshop facility in Perth, we can offer winding services to most industrial machines. Along with all static testing equipment and a 10 tonne overhead crane, we can perform top quality winding services to your machine.


  • Clean winding workshop
  • 10 tonne overhead crane
  • Wedge
  • Coil manufacturing AC or DC HV or LV